AGILITI Consultancy Opens for Business

The co-founder of Mass Transit Interactive, one of the first digital media agencies, has launched a digital media consultancy called AGILITI

The firm says it works with marketers to audit, review and align their internal and external digital marketing operations, including mobile, to optimize relationships with their digital agencies and maximize digital marketing investments.

Jason Heller, the man behind AGILITI, says that the client-agency relationship is often strained, due in part to the rapidly-changing digital landscape. 

“The fragmented, complex and ever-evolving nature of the digital ecosystem requires sound strategy, proficient agency resources, internal leadership and staff, technologies, and processes,” he says. “The ramifications and disruption to a clients business by strained agency relationships and internal organisational challenges are significant. 

“In some cases the client agency relationship is obviously stressed, and blame can certainly be distributed to both sides. In other cases, clients can benefit from an honest review of their own internal operations. Most marketers are missing opportunities for growth and unaware of some of the detractors from reaching their digital potential.”

Heller co-founded Mass Transit Interactive in 1998, and sold it to Horizon Media in 2005, taking up the role of HeMD at Horizon Interactive. In 2007, he left Horizon to work on an adventure travel media business that he had launched in 2005. In January this year, Heller sold his adventure travel business to focus on the launch of AGILITI.

He says that marketers must be proactive in addressing problems with digital marketing operations and partnerships. “AGILITI works with marketers to audit, review, align, and optimise their internal and external digital marketing operations,” says Heler. “The firm has developed a systematic approach to help clients derive both short-term and long-term benefits from this process.”