Ahead of GDPR, two-thirds of Brits want stricter rules on how their data is handled

Ahead of GDPR’s enforcement date next May, 62 per cent of UK consumers say they want stricter rules surrounding the data on their online behaviour.

That’s according to a report from Macro 4, which found that the same number also want stricter rules on how data is shared between companies.

News of the EU regulation should be music to people’s ears, then, and it sounds as though people plan to act on the new rights it grants them.

52 per cent said they would make a data access request if they suspected their personal information was being held without their consent; 39 per cent just because they were curious to see what data companies hold about them; and 26 per cent if there was a chance of compensation. 17 per cent said they would make a request in order to ‘get back’ at companies they had a negative experience with.

However, actually fulfilling these requests could provide difficult, according to Macro 4.

“Personal information can be anything that is identifiable to an individual: everything from contact details, date of birth and credit card numbers, to information within emails and social media conversations, letters, bills and policy documents and even behavioural tracking data,” said marketing manager Lynda Kershaw. “Much of this is unstructured information held in separate systems controlled by different business departments and cannot be pulled together at the snap of your fingers.”

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