Data: 25% of bosses formally ban AI use the workplace


A quarter of bosses have formally banned AI use in the workplace, according to a new study by Censuswide.

The study, which features findings from 500 UK CEOs, revealed 25% of those surveyed had to disciplined a member of staff for AI misuse this year.

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This comes as one-third said they worried that AI could be used to mislead customers and lack AI regulation have made them concerned about data privacy threats.

Meanwhile, over half of those polled (51%) said they were planning to introduce a formal code of conduct for AI use to ensure that staff use the technology responsibly.

A further 50% were also planning to send staff on an AI awareness course to increase awareness of its risk.

Commenting on the figures, Investigo, CEO Derek Mackenzie, said: “AI is a very powerful technology, but bosses shouldn’t be afraid of using it. In many cases, problems occur because organisations struggle to understand how best to use the technology as well as having skillsets to deploy it correctly.

“That’s why it’s crucial to have a clear code of conduct in place as well as equipping workers with skills they need to operate AI tools responsibly.”