AI boosts key metrics for email marketers: research

Tyrone Stewart

Email marketingEmail marketers using AI report better results across key metrics, including open rates, click-through rates, and revenue, according to research from email solutions provider Return Path and market research firm The Relevancy Group (TRG).

The research, which consisted of two separate surveys of over 400 advertising and marketing executives, found that open and click-through rates for email marketers using AI averaged two points higher than for those that rely on humans alone. Meanwhile, delivery rates were found to be one full point higher.

On the revenue front, senders using AI reported an average order value (AOV) of $145.08, versus $138.00 for those not using AI, and they also reported 41 per cent higher monthly revenue from email marketing.

“At The Relevancy Group, we are excited by the significant potential for AI in the email marketing space – and especially its ability to drive more valuable inbox experiences,” said David Daniels, TRG CEO. “This research shows that the marketplace shares our enthusiasm, as 97 percent of survey respondents say they are confident in that AI can improve the customer experience.”