Data: AI influencers could earn 9x UK average salary for a single Instagram post

Virtual influencers could charge up to nine times the average UK worker’s monthly salary for a single Instagram post, new data has revealed.

According to a study by intelligent enterprise solutions provider, which ranked the top 10 earning-virtual influencers, revealed brands such as BMW and Balenciaga have already embraced virtual influencers.

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This comes as Warner Music recently gave virtual influencer, Noonoouri, a record deal.

By analysing their follower numbers and utilising an Instagram earnings calculator, the study estimated potential earnings for each sponsored post, which revealed Lu do Magalu is the AI influencer with the highest earning potential from a sponsored Instagram post at around £26,700.

Miquela Sousa, who has previously collaborated with Samsung, was ranked second among AI influencers with the highest earning potential on Instagram, with it being estimated that she could earn up to £12,900 per Instagram post.

Leya Love was ranked third with an estimated £3,900 per sponsored Instagram post, followed by Alara X, £3,600 and Thalasya Pov, £3,300, respectively.

The news comes as fashion house, Coach, recently launched a new campaign,”Find Your Courage”, pairing virtual influencer imma and celebrities including Lil Nas X, Camila Mendes, Youngji Lee, Kōki, and Wu Jinyan to showcase its new Spring collection.

Set in a virtual universe, the campaign features a story about finding the courage to discover what it means to be real in your own way.