'AI-powered marketing analyst' gets $1.6m seed round

Tim Maytom, a London-based AI analytics firm that has developed an 'AI-powered marketing analyst', has raised $1.6m (£1.22m) in seed funding in order to launch its full product.

The funding was led by Partech, with other investors including Nicolas Pinto, founder of Apple-acquired company Perceptio, and Sophia Bendz, who previously led marketing at Spotify. It brings's total funding to $2.35m, following a pre-seed round back in March.

The company's analytics product is designed with mobile app marketers in mind, and uses machine learning to analyse huge sets of data and tweak marketing campaigns to improve ROI. The simplified experience aims to help users manage complex multichannel campaigns, acting as an extra person in the room rather than presenting marketers with in-depth dashboards and tables.

"Today's performance marketers are bogged down with data coming from multiple sources," said Marie Outtier, CEO of, who called the product "a new generation of software, one that lisens, learns and acts."

Outtier has an extensive background in mobile marketing and technology, and co-founded the firm with PJ Camillieri, the company's chief technical analyst, who previously worked on natural language processing and virtual assistants at Apple.

"We believe is building an innovative solution for marketers at precisely the time it is needed most," said Reza Malekzadeh, partner at Partech. "Maris and PJ's vision for the future of data and analytics harnesses the recent advances in the fields of machine learning and natural language processing to create a tool that is set to change the way marketers do their job."