Airbnb credits shift in marketing strategy for most profitable quarter to date

Airbnb has attributed a renewed focus on brand marketing instead of search engine optimisation (SEO) has helped it reach its most profitable quarter to date.

The home-sharing platform’s decision to move its marketing strategy away from SEO has resulted in it reducing its marketing overheads.

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As a result, the company does not anticipate any further cuts.

This comes as in 2019, Airbnb decided to prioritise more general marketing campaigns and PR.

Airbnb CFO, Dave Stephenson said: “Our brand marketing results are delivering excellent results overall with a strong rate of return, and it’s been so successful that we’re actually expanding to more countries.

“We’ve already kind of hit this new kind of lower overall rate. Certainly, we can moderate that over time, but we’re already so low that I wouldn’t anticipate us dropping it dramatically in the face of substantial headwinds with overall growth.”