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AirG Hits 20 Million

David Murphy

AirG,  which claims to be the largest mobile community in the world, has revealed that is surpassed more than 20 million customers on 26 August 2007. In addition to being the fastest growing community on mobile phones, AirG is also now available in more than 10 languages and says it has the largest global footprint, across more than 100 mobile operators in over 40 countries. 
Achieving this important milestone is proof that our mobile community possesses the scale and customer engagement necessary to make AirG an important partner for mobile operators and advertisers, says AirG Founder, Frederick Ghahramani. Id like to congratulate our channel partners and talented team members for building and supporting the products and services that have engaged more than 20 million consumers on their mobile phones.
According to a new study from Juniper Research, the number of users of mobile chat and dating services is expected to rise from just over 40 million in 2007 to 260 million in 2012, driven by strong demand in both developed and emerging markets, with revenues expected to exceed $1 billion (500 million) by 2010. Based on these forecasts, AirG notes that its current customer base is equivalent to half of the entire globally projected market size for mobile chat and dating services, further indicating that mobile communities are a going concern and that it is well positioned to be the market leader.   
Much like their online counterparts, mobile communities drive tremendous user adoption, data traffic and content consumption. AirG generates a phenomenal volume of mobile traffic and billions of advertising impressions per month across its footprint of downloadable services, WAP and SMS services. Using a combination of detailed user profile information and surveys, AirG can identify valuable consumer demographics like the age, location, interests, gender and phone type of all 20 million customers. 
The company points out, for example, that it knows that on August 26, 2007 at 01:14:28 UTC, Ana from Fort Smith, Arizona became AirGs 20 millionth customer, using her Samsung SCH-A870 mobile phone. AirG says it also knows that the majority of its customers spend more than an hour a day in the community; that 59%  dont own a PC; that 60% have obtained at least a high school education; the average annual income is $41,000, and the five most popular handsets used to access AirG all retail for less than $100 with a service contract. 
The market is in a frenzy over new devices like the iPhone, but the reality today is that the mass market consumer is using $0-100 handsets to access mobile services, says Ghahramani. Seeing past the hype associated with niche audiences like the digerati and technophile early adopters has been a crucial part of what has enabled AirG to achieve its scale of 20 million customers. 
Since August 2005, AirGs customer base has doubled in size every year. You can read more about AirGs take on the challenges and opportunities facing the mobile industry today here.