Airpush and MobFox Join Forces for Private Exchange

airpush mobfoxMobile ad platform MobFox and ad network Airpush have partnered to launch a private mobile exchange which aims to give advertisers and marketers on the MobFox exchange access to billions of programmatic impressions across the globe.

The MobFox platform acts as a gateway to the Airpush network of over 140,000 apps, with an inventory of over 350m opt-in users across the world. By giving advertisers this access to its data-rich, brand-safe mobile users, Airpush hopes to increase demand for its inventory.

“By integrating Airpushs inventory into the MobFox exchange, MobFox is now a single place for advertisers and DSPs to access the right mobile inventory at scale,” said Julian Zehetmayr, founder and CEO of MobFox. “We are excited about the value that we can bring to Airpushs publishers and our ad partners.”

According to recent figures, real-time bidding will account for over $18.2bn (£11.5bn) in US digital ad revenues in 2018, up from $3.1bn in 2013. With mobile and video ads a major driver for this growth, Airpush and MobFox hope their partnership will position them to grow into one of the largest programmatic partnerships in mobile.

“Weve known the team at MobFox for several years and are excited to see how theyve evolved from being one of the leading mobile ad networks in Europe to a top performing global mobile exchange,” said Seth Socolow, senior vice president of strategic partnerships at Airpush. “We look forward to working with MobFox to give the DSPs connected to their platform access to Airpushs unique in-app mobile supply.”

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