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Airwide Unveils AirMessenger RSP

David Murphy

Airwide Solutions has unveiled a new offering designed to help operators cost-efficiently and rapidly launch core mobile messaging services or new applications, while enhancing revenue and profitability. AirMessenger Rapid Service Platform (RSP) is designed for operators launching applications such as mobile banking services, or for launching core network services, such as SMS and MMS. Using AirMessenger RSP, says Airwide, operators can reduce the time to deploy the infrastructure underpinning both areas by up to 66 per cent, and reduce the time to deploy mobile applications by up to 40 per cent.

Airwide believes the new offering will appeal to operators in Africa and the Middle East, where SMS usage, mobile banking, money transfer, social networking and messaging app use are all experiencing sharp rises. The company says it can help existing operators to reduce the strain on their networks, while also helping new entrants to establish their network and provide the messaging services subscribers need.

“For operators looking to rapidly enter new markets or to launch new messaging services, some of the most significant issues they encounter are the time investment and complexity associated with creating a high-performance, comprehensive infrastructure,” says Airwide CMO, Jay Seaton. “By offering a pre-packaged platform with a full range of messaging services, combined with a proven deployment methodology, Airwide’s AirMessenger RSP will enable operators to enter new markets and launch new applications simply and quickly.”

AirMessenger RSP is a pre-packaged platform designed to combine SMS, MMS and USSD, with multichannel gateway functionality, charging and connectivity, and administration capabilities. This will provide cost-efficient and high-quality messaging support for essential P2P and A2P messaging services, and eliminate the complexity of integrating numerous separate systems, says Airwide, enabling operators to launch services within weeks, as opposed to months with conventional infrastructure products. Moreover, AirMessenger RSP’s modular architecture gives customers the scalability to deploy the services and capacity they need, when they need it.

AirMessenger RSP also provides a turnkey solution for operators that want to launch new services like mobile banking or social networking, and need a dedicated, but easily integrated platform that can provide service management capabilities, dedicated capacity, and guaranteed Quality of Service. irMessenger RSP enables the development, trial, launch and tear-down of services without impacting existing live services. It also ensures the security of services through a dedicated environment and multiple levels of administrative and application security, and enables operators to protect subscriber information by anonymizing subscriber identity to third-parties.