Alan Partridge: Radio Alan – Tried & Tested

BBC Worldwide and Baby Cow Productions have launched Radio Alan, an iOS app tying into the cinema release of Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa.

The app, developed by Touch Fantastic, takes songs from the devices music library and intersperses them with audio clips from the TV show. Depending on your record collection, this can result in some strange combinations, but it works surprisingly effectively to give the impression of a virtual radio station.

Thats about the entirety of the functionality on offer, except for a Rate my Tunes button which rates the users music library (for the record, I scored a “Sorry, that was just noise. Alan thinks your music is sa-aa-aad!”), which they can then share on Facebook or Twitter.

Given that the app is largely promotional – as well as tying into the films release, it features ads for Partridge DVDs and digital downloads – the decision to charge £0.99 for it is slightly unusual. Nevertheless, the app is a neat fit with the character, and an entertaining alternative way to explore the familiar corners of your iTunes – even if youll most likely be skipping them to get to the next comedy clip.