Alcatel-Lucent Calls for New Mobile Customer Engagement Model

Alcatel-Lucent is calling upon companies to take advantage of today’s powerful, multi-channel smartphones by creating a new model for mobile customer engagement. The company says that today’s mobile approach is mostly limited to self-service and limited transactions, and is prescribing a strategy that brings conversations to mobile customer service applications by intelligently linking contact centre agents and customer care resources from across the enterprise, including those in the back office and branch locations.

While many companies in the banking, retail and travels sectors already offer their customers mobile service apps, Alcatel-Lucent says these are often poorly integrated within a company’s existing customer service strategy and contact centre technology platform. As a result, today’s mobile customers suffer from a disconnected experience that often delivers frustrating hold times, and no way to contact an agent or resource for additional support. This disconnected approach, the company says, also fails to unleash the power of today’s smartphones in transforming customer engagement with proactive contact, personalised applications and location-based services.

Alcatel-Lucent’s Genesys Mobile Customer Engagement strategy focuses on helping companies move from transactional apps to mobile conversations and recommends the following best practices:

  • Contact Me – provide seamless and secure click-to-call capabilities with context from smartphone applications with immediate agent support or scheduled call backs.
  • Connect Me – deliver mobile customers to best resource from contact centre to back office departments and branch locations, across any channel, including voice, SMS and chat.
  • Know Me – provide personalised, mobile experience-based service tasks and proactive contact, with targeted offers and location-based services.

“Today’s consumers rely on their smartphones and tablets to be their windows to the world. Businesses need to be creative in offering apps that integrate into all areas of the enterprise, from sales and marketing to customer care,” says Tom Burns, president, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise. “Our mobile solutions featured in the G8 suite are bringing our core cross-channel routing and application openness together with the power of our Genesys Conversation Manager to provide the context and presence information needed to deliver the next generation mobile experience.”