AliExpress launches ONE FLAG initiative to support Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Gabby Fernie

AliExpress, a global retail marketplace has today launched ONE FLAG, an initiative designed to virtually unite fans and athletes worldwide. 

The digital cheers of fans will be transformed into a virtual flag, symbolizing the strength and solidarity of a united global community.

To participate, fans are invited to upload a photo of themselves cheering for the Olympic Games to the AliExpress ONE FLAG website. Each submitted photo will generate a digital thread on the website, which will be used to compose a colourful virtual flag to signify the spirit of “stronger together.” Fans will also receive a virtual certificate to share on social media.

Symbolizing resilience and hope, the digital flag will be updated in real-time on the website as fans continue to participate and submit photos throughout Tokyo 2020.

Yuto Horigome, a Japanese skateboarder who is currently ranked second on the World Skateboarding Rankings, will be among the first athletes to participate in the ONE FLAG initiative to call for worldwide support for Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 and athletes.

“At AliExpress, we’re committed to connecting people through innovative digital experiences, and we are honoured to partner with the IOC to create an engaging and interactive experience that brings people together,” said Head of Marketing at AliExpress, Christina Lu. “In many ways, the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 will be a completely new experience for athletes and fans due to the pandemic. With fans unable to cheer from the sidelines during these unprecedented times, our ONE FLAG initiative fosters togetherness among millions of people who will be watching the Olympic Games at home this year to show support to the Olympic Games and athletes.”