All Aboard for the MLOVE-in

The organisers of the MLOVE ConFestival have announced details of the event, which considers the future of mobile, and takes place from 23 25 June. Set in an ancient castle south of Berlin, about 200 decision makers and futurists with a mobile background will come together to create their vision of the future of mobile.The event is the culmination of the launch of the MLOVE movement in 2008.
Speakers include Beverly W. Jackson, Senior Marketing Manager of the GRAMMY Awards, Nick E. Heller, in charge of Business Development for Googles European Future Incubation Labs, Richard D. Titus, CEO of Associated Northcliffe Digital, and Media Strategist Jonathan MacDonald.
The MLOVE ConFestival is designed to encourage networking and provides the participants with the opportunity to really get to know each other in an informal atmosphere, says ConFestival Director Peter Giblin. Our goal is to strengthen relationships between the mobile elite and thought leaders from other industries and disciplines.
The MLOVE ConFestival is open for registration via the official event website.