All New Video and YooMedia Hook-up

3G video service provider All New Video has signed a partnership agreement with YooMedia
  to develop next-generation 3G Mobile TV and interactive services. All New Video will provide the 3G video network backbone required to support YooMedias enhanced 3G interactive video gateway.
The gateway will be offered exclusively by Broadband TV Group, YooMedias joint venture company with ICTV,  and will utilise YooMedias cross-platform content delivery capability and ICTVs HeadendWare technology.
HeadendWare enables content delivery to 3G devices, using broadband web delivery techniques and tools, including Flash and Shockwave animation, high quality streaming audio and full motion video.
In conjunction with All New Video, BroadbandTV Group aims to operate and provide advanced mobile interactive video-on-demand services for 3G network operators, television broadcasters, content publishers, content producers and advertisers.
I am genuinely excited to be working with YooMedia on a range of cutting-edge, rich-media services that will span web, mobile and television says All New Video CEO, David Atkins, while YooMedia CEO Neil Macdonald adds:
I am delighted that we are working with All New Video, as they provide a robust, scalable solution to our 3G needs.