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Allot Launches Pinball Game App

Alex Spencer

Allot Communications has released an app educating mobile operators and subscribers about value-based charges, through the unlikely medium of pinball. The Allot Pinball  app for iPhone, iPad and Android uses game mechanics to demonstrate how personalised packages affect operators.

The player is a mobile operator, and the ball represents a subscriber, while each level represents a different value-based charging data plan – including Service Tiering, Unlimited and Happy Hour – in which the player scores highly by balancing revenue and QoE (Quality of Experience).

"We developed Allot Pinball because sometimes it takes something as simple as a pinball game to educate audiences on complex concepts," says Jonathon Gordon, director of marketing, Allot Communications. "The game demonstrates how subscribers can find a data package that includes their favorite apps - at the same time, it shows that operators can deliver these applications while increasing revenue and providing their subscribers with a great experience."

The app will be supported by social media marketing, videos, direct marketing and a tournament during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at the end of the month.