Almost 2,500 Signups for PhonepayPlus Registration Scheme

UK regulator PhonepayPlus has revealed that almost 2,500s organisations has registered for its Registration Scheme, for which all premium rate telephone services (PRS) providers operating in the UK market are obliged to register, under PhonepayPlus’ new Code of Practice, which came into force yesterday. The regulator says the scheme has revealed a  diverse market and industry, attractive to international business, and ranging from charities to cutting-edge creative companies. 

The UK PRS market was worth £816m in 2010, and PhonepayPlus says the Registration Scheme has received wide industry support. The organisations registered include more than 250 registered overseas; more than 70 public limited companies, with a showing from creative industries, including publishers, broadcasters and games developers; and 120 charities.

“What we are seeing in the diversity and dynamism of companies and organisations registering with us confirms what our own market research has suggested in recent years,” says PhonepayPlus chief executive, Paul Whiteing. “The UK PRS market is an innovative sector of the UK economy, and has significant potential for growth. The number of overseas companies on our database indicates that international businesses see real benefit in the UK PRS market. As micropayments continue to gain traction with UK consumers and grow in importance for the UK digital and creative economies, the Registration Scheme will give us the best overview of the PRS market, and help us and the PRS industry provide the best environment for both consumers and business.