Almost 30 per cent of African Mobile Users on Android

M-Pesa Mobile Money User Tanzania AfricaAfrican nations are currently seeing some of the fastest growth in mobile adoption in the world, as the continent transitions from feature phones to smartphones and tablets. In fact, 30 per cent of the mobile phone-using population are now using Android smartphones.

While Africans are still more likely to be using a feature phone than the average global consumer, those who have switched to smartphones average twice the mobile web usage of feature phones users, according to figures from Opera Mediaworks.

There are several strong sub-markets across Africa, with page views and data consumption highest in Southern African (South Africa and Namibia), Middle Africa (Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo) and Northern Africa (Sudan and Egypt), where both stats are close to the global average.

Social networking is increasingly popular across African nations, with South African users consuming many more pages of social-media content per user than the average, meaning advertising content on these sites has an especially wide reach.

The app market is still relatively small across Africa, with only about 5 per cent of ad traffic in Africa coming from mobile apps. However, as more users adopt smartphones, this is likely to increase substantially, and with app traffic tending to monetise better than web traffic, there are large opportunities in African markets.