Almost Quarter of Apps Downloaded for Specific Task

tune whitepaperAlmost a quarter of apps are downloaded with a specific task in mind, making it the most common motivation for downloading a new application to a smartphone, ahead of word of mouth, advertising or chart position.

The figure comes from a new whitepaper by Tune, Deconstructing the Mobile Marketing Funnel, which aims to explore the commonalities and differences between traditional marketing and the new generation of mobile-centred marketing.

With more than 5m apps vying for consumer attention, it is more crucial than ever that developers are ensuring their apps meet consumer needs, and carefully manage their marketing budget to make sure its put to the most effective use.

The eBook compares the traditional marketing funnel and mobile marketing funnel, breaking down each stage of the mobile marketing process and why it matters. It also explores tactics and technology that marketers can use to optimise discovery, conversion, engagement and retention, and how major brands have improved their ROI using key strategies.

The eBook is available for free download here, and helps marketers discover how to make their apps discoverable, profitable and unforgettable, while ensuring that they only spend money on effective campaigns.