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Alzheimer's Disease International links up with Lobster for donations via visual content

Tyrone Stewart

Alzheimer’s Disease International has teamed up with Lobster, an AI-powered social media content licensing platform, to create a way of donating to the charity through photos and videos.

With Memory Donation, Lobster users can donate a memory in the form of a photo or video to help raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s-related causes around the world.

Lobster enables brands, agencies, and the media to license visual content directly from social media users and cloud archives. Users plug their social media accounts into the platform and allow access to their images and videos in return for a revenue percentage.

In the Memory Donation campaign, however, all proceeds go directly to the user’s local Alzheimer’s Disease International department. Lobster users just have to use the #memorydonation hashtag on the piece of content they want to contribute. This will then be put on sale automatically for creatives, designers, and the media.

The Memory Donation campaign has launched today (21 May), in conjunction with Dementia Action Week.