Amadeus Launches Mobile Travel Solutions

Amadeus, a global technology and distribution partner to the travel industry, has announced that a suite of mobile solutions for the business traveler, which will run on all major mobile operating systems, including Windows Mobile, Symbian and BlackBerry. 
Amadeus Mobile Partner enables travelers to store complete itineraries on their mobile device at the push of a button. They can access everything from flight schedules and hotel addresses, to car-rental and check-in information, even when they do not have network connectivity. It also means that these details can be checked while abroad without incurring any roaming fees.
Amadeus Mobile Partner has an additional function for travel approvers within a company, which allows them to confirm or reject trip requests via their mobile, thus avoiding bottlenecks when they are away from their desk. Approvers see the full list of trips waiting to be approved, and can quickly endorse or reject them directly from their mobile.
Amadeus SMS Traveller Contact is a traveller tracking and security tool to facilitate ad hoc communication with travelling employees before, during and after they travel. It enables the travel manager to reach out to travellers who may be at risk during an emergency; send SMS notifications before, during and after a trip; and quickly send information via email to all those employees with planned trips for a given destination.
Amadeus has also teamed up with mobile technology company ConTgo to offer an additional mobile solution, Mobile Travel Assistant (MTA). Its main feature, known as the
Follow-Me Itinerary, delivers relevant information directly to the travellers mobile phone using SMS messages only when they need it. The information sent is based on the travellers itinerary, and the content can be customised and controlled by the corporation, based on location-specific rules. Secondly, the MTAs Travel Alert functionality helps locate travellers by SMS and keeps track of their responses, so that the travel manager can keep a clear view of those who may be in need of assistance during a travel security incident.
Amadeus continues to invest in innovation and to believe in R&D, particularly during a period of financial crisis when companies are looking to improve their business, says Amadeus Vice President, Business & Corporate Travel, Albert Pozo. We plan to bring our customers next generation travel technology that will help the traveller be more productive and efficient while on the road. After initiating joint research with ACTE last year which evaluated the mobile needs of corporations, Amadeus is now delivering a portfolio of mobile services for the business traveller, helping corporations better support their employees who are on the move.
Earlier this year, Amadeus teamed up with Air France, IER and Nice Airport to pilot a mobile boarding pass that allows travellers to board their planes with three swipes of their mobile phons. The project is currently being piloted at Nice Cote dAzur Airport for travellers flying with Air France to Paris Orly.