Amari Transports Online Customers to Showroom with Video Tours

600_7495Luxury car dealer Amari is enabling car buyers browsing online to take part in real-time first person video tours of its high performance cars, delivered by sales staff using either a standard smartphone or a pair of smart glasses.

The video tour solution was created by GoInStore, which specialises in first-person shopping experiences, and has been implemented at Amaris flagship showroom in Preston, offering customers a far more immersive and engaging alternative to regular online browsing.

The video stream provides prospective customers with a one-way live video stream that can show off the details and key features of the dealers luxury cars in a more intimate way. Using the solution, one salesperson was able to sell a BMW i8 to a customer over 200 miles away on his very first call.

As well as the video stream, the solution provides a two-way audio stream so the customer can ask questions and direct the stream to points of interest, and the AI-driven Assignation Engine analyses online data, ensuring the customer is connected with the representative best able to serve their needs.

“Our sales team know every single detail of these cars, even to the level of knowing the tyre pressures,” said Sheikh Amari, CEO of Amari. “This knowledge is difficult to bring across online and we have been looking for ways to bring our expertise into the online environment.

“Our customers, who include investors and collectors, are very busy people, based all around the world, who typically know what they want but often have to rely solely on the pictures that are on the website. This new technology enables our customers to travel to our showroom in real-time and experience the cars remotely, giving us a competitive edge and the ability to close sales quicker, providing our customers a totally unique, convenient and trusted car buying experience.”