Amazon launches AI shopping assistant, ‘Rufus’

Amazon has unveiled a new AI-powered shopping assistant called Rufus.

According to the ecommerce giant, the move will help customers make better shopping decisions by generating responses from its platform and web data.

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Rufus will be available in beta to a select amount of customers in Amazon’s mobile app, with the AI chatbot being rolled out to more U.S customers in the coming weeks.

In a blog post Amazon Vice President, Search and Conversational Shopping, Rajiv Mehta and Trishul Chilimb, Vice President and Distinguished Scientist, Stores Foundational AI said: “With Rufus, customers are now able to shop alongside a generative AI-powered expert that knows Amazon’s selection inside and out, and can bring it all together with information from across the web to help them make more informed purchase decisions.

“Rufus generates answers using relevant information from across Amazon and the web to help customers make better, more informed shopping decisions. It’s still early days for generative AI, and the technology won’t always get it exactly right.”

“We will keep improving our AI models and fine-tune responses to continuously make Rufus more helpful over time,” they concluded.

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