Amazon could launch Alexa-powered smart glasses by the end of the year

AmazonAmazon is reportedly working on a pair of smart glasses that would enable the wearer to integrate with Alexa wherever they are.

According to the Financial Times, citing people familiar with the plans, the wearable headwear will work through a wireless connection to a smartphone, and is being designed to look like regular glasses. It will work via a bone-conduction audio system, so the wearer won’t need to insert headphones into their ears.

In addition to its first wearable device, Amazon is said to be looking to expand its range of smart home devices with the addition of a home security camera system. The camera would tie-in into its range of existing Echo products, meaning an Echo Show could provide a video feed for the owner, and enable Amazon customers to see when their orders arrive at their front door.

There is potential for either one or both of these products to be launched by the end of the year, along with updates to existing devices.