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Amazon launches Alexa-enabled grocery ordering kitchen device

Tyrone Stewart

Amazon Dash WandAmazon has introduced the next generation of its Dash buttons, which enable people order grocery items with a press of a button. The new Dash is an Alexa-enabled magnetic device – so, it can be placed on the fridge – that can be used order groceries, convert measurements, find nearby restaurants, and find recipes through speech, as well as being able to scan product barcodes with the device.

The Amazon Dash Wand has been dubbed ‘a wi-fi enabled kitchen assistant’ by Amazon, and features some of the qualities that its Echo relative carries – though it can’t play music.

The Dash Wand is, effectively, available for free to US Prime members. It costs $20 but, for a limited time, users will get $20 off their next purchase once the device is registered.

Amazon first introduced its Dash buttons to the general Prime subscribing population in July 2015, selling each branded button for $5. It followed this in January of this year by introducing digital dash buttons that made it easier for Prime members to order products through its app and website.