Amazon Extends Mobile Ads to the UK

Amazon interstitial
An example of an Amazon full-screen interstitial ad

Amazon has extended is mobile advertising programme beyond the US with a UK rollout which went live this week, and a German launch to follow “in the coming months”. The ads are designed to help Amazon developers monetize their mobile apps and games. Amazon is also launching full-screen interstitial ads across its mobile ad network.

The move was revealed in a post on the Amazon developer blog by Amazon worldwide developer evangelist Davbid Isbitski, complete with instructions on how do display ads on your app.

The new interstitial ad unit is available in all markets where Amazon offers mobile advertising. It uses responsive design to ensure that the ad adjusts to the device on which it is served. The ads are preloaded in order to reduce load times.

Amazons mobile ad network originally launched in the US in March 2013. The Amazon mobile advertising API can be used on apps distributed on any Android platform, so long as the app is also available on Amazon’s Appstore.