Amazon teams up with Getty for visual searches on Echo devices

Tyrone Stewart

Amazon Echo ShowAmazon has linked up with Getty Images to bring sports, news, entertainment, archival, and creative pictures to Echo devices with a screen.

With the partnership, Alexa will be able to surface images from Getty’s vast library related to voice queries on both the Echo Show and Echo Spot. For example, users will be able to ask their Echo devices questions like ‘what was the score in the Arsenal game’ and be presented with images from the match alongside the result, or ‘what’s the capital of Croatia’ and be presented with images of Zagreb.

“Our premier collection of editorial, creative and archival content is a natural fit for Amazon's Echo products, bringing best-in-class visuals to Echo users,” said Peter Orlowsky, SVP of strategic development at Getty Images. “We are honoured to unite with Echo's screen-based products and to use our deep library of content to give Alexa her best look yet.”