Amazon has donated $100m in sales since 2013

Tim Maytom

According to Amazon, the online retailer has donated over $100m to charities chosen by shoppers since 2013 through its free 'AmazonSmile' program. The scheme, which is available to shoppers in the US, UK and Germany, gives 0.5 per cent of almost any order's purchase price to a charity selected by the customer.

Amazon didn't provide a breakdown of which groups have received the most support through the scheme, but said they are all legally recognised charities and include humanitarian organisations and hospitals.

"Customers (are) bringing clean water to over 42,000 peopel around the world," said Scott Harrison, founder of New York-based non-profit Water.

Both Amazon and founder Jeff Bezos have made a number of philanthropic pledges in recent weeks, on top of commiting to a significant wage hike for Amazon's workers. The moves come following sustained criticism of the company's pay and working conditions from unions, politicians and activists.