Amazon Introduces Dash Buttons for 60 More Brands

Alex Spencer

Amazon Dash PoopBagsAmazon has signed up another 66 brands to its Amazon Dash program in the US.

Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Pop-Tarts, Powerade and Philips Sonicare are among the bigger names on the list, all of which will be receiving their own branded buttons. Customers can connect the Dash to their Amazon account to automatically re-order the relevant product at the literal push of a button, with the up-front cost of $4.99 deducted from their first purchase.

A veritable cornucopia of pet products has also been added to the program, mostly thanks to a partnership with Big Heart Pet Brands, though there are also independent brands, like the memorably-named PoopBags, on the list.

“We’re thrilled to see more and more Prime members experiencing the convenience of Dash Button and restocking their everyday essentials with a simple press of a button – from toilet paper to coffee and dish soap to snacks,” said Amazon Dash director Daniel Rausch. “As a result, we’re seeing exponential growth for the program and orders increased over five times in the last year.”

In part, that growth is due to the sheer expansion of Dash's availability, with more brands constantly coming on board and the buttons having launched in Austria, Germany and the UK back in August. But Amazon is also reporting that some products from signed-up brands – including Hefty, Peet's Coffee, and Arm & Hammer – now see the majority of orders coming from Dash buttons rather than Amazon's site.