Amazon introduces services to help video providers to create content

AmazonAmazon has launched a suite of video tools to help content providers to process both live and on-demand video in the cloud.

The five AWS (Amazon Web Services) Elemental Media Services are aimed at enabling video publishers to be more innovative, more reliable, increase scale, monetise their content, and reduce the cost of ownership for video content in the cloud.

“For the better part of six decades, professional-grade video workflows were limited to a few major industry players who could afford to build and maintain customised infrastructure that would be updated only once or twice each decade,” said Alex Dunlap, general manager at AWS Elemental. “These companies spent a great deal of time, money, and focus operating infrastructure with resources that could have been better spent creating great content and viewer experiences.

“We built AWS Elemental Media Services to let customers focus on delivering top-quality video reliably to any device, everywhere, without the undifferentiated heavy lifting of managing infrastructure. This not only helps traditional video providers innovate faster, but it also opens up new opportunities for startups, government agencies, schools, and multinational enterprises that, before today, had limited access to premium-quality video technology.”

Each of the five services that Amazon is offering covers different areas involves in the creation and streaming of video content:

MediaConvert enables providers to format and compress video-on-demand content for delivery to playback devices.

MediaLive enables publishers to encode ‘broadcast-grade’ live video for TV and connected devices.

MediaPackage lets Amazon’s video hosting customers ‘prepare and protect’ live video streams that are set to be sent to internet devices.

MediaStore provides ‘high-performance’ video storage for publishers on the cloud.

MediaTailor gives producers the opportunity to insert monetise their content through targeted advertising placed into their videos.  

The services available have already been trialled by BT, Pac-12 Networks, Amazon Prime Video, Fox Sports Australia, FuboTV, Nine, Spuul, M2A Media, Cinépolis and Imagica.