Amazon is bringing Alexa to the workplace

Amazon EchoAs Amazon’s annual re:Invent cloud user conference rolls on, it has been reported that the company is set to unveil tools that will make it easier for its Alexa virtual assistant to be used in the workplace.

According to CNBC, citing sources, Amazon is preparing to present an Alexa for Business platform, along with initial partners that have developed skills for business customers, before it rounds off its annual conference.

The tools introduced could be aimed at making teleconference connections easier, or for adding data to enterprise-focused sales programs. Furthermore, the platform would add an enterprise security layer to identify and authenticate people using Alexa in the office.

It has also been suggested that Amazon will announce a marketplace dedicated to Alexa for Business skills – like it has for consumer apps through the regular Alexa Skills page. It will also enable businesses to build out their own skills for use within their companies.

Alexa would still be able to offer traditional functions – like offering news updates, the weather, and general questions – and could even be used to control connected elements of the workplace such as lighting and temperature.