Amazon is bringing all its ad businesses together

Amazon search advertisingAmazon is reportedly working on merging its ad businesses into one platform, meaning advertisers will be able to buy campaigns from the same place, whether they are a first- or third-party seller.

The streamlined, consolidated platform will bring together all campaign reporting and advertising products from the Amazon Media Group, Amazon Marketing Services, and Amazon Advertising Platform into one place.

“Reps from Amazon have told me a consolidated version of its ad platform is on the way,” a media executive told Digiday. “Amazon’s business is manageable once you know how the platform works, but there are more brands who sit on both sides now, which makes having such a disparate offering harder for them to manage.”

Amazon has been putting in effort to minimise the differences between how first- and third-party sellers manage campaigns and is also currently testing detailed data-based reporting for those that sell products to Amazon.

The hope for the eCommerce giant is that housing all its ad products under one roof will lead to advertisers buying more ads.