Amazon launches Alexa Auto SDK

Amazon has released an Alexa Auto SDK to enable developer to build Alexa into car maker’s onboard info/entertainment systems. Available on GitHub, is includes automotive-specific functionality and source code and function libraries in C++ and Java that will enable vehicles to process audio inputs and triggers, establish a connection with the Alexa service, and handle all Alexa interactions.

The SDK also includes sample applications, build scripts, sequence diagrams and documentation, supporting both Android and QNX operating systems on ARM and x86 processor architectures.

The SDK will allow developers to bring full Alexa functionality to vehicles, including streaming audio and video, weather reports and navigation, as well as support for all the skills available on Echo devices in the home.

While a handful of auto manufacturers, including BMW, Ford and Toyota, have already integrated Alexa into their vehicles, the launch of the SDK is designed to appeal to those car makers who have not.