Amazon Prime celebrates The Wheel of Time launch with Times Square activation

Amazon Prime Video is staging an activation in New York’s Times Square today to celebrate the debut of its series, The Wheel of Time, featuring Rosamund Pike

Fans will be able to watch one of the series’ most exciting battle scenes come to life before their eyes. Through the magic of anamorphic technology, a digitized Moraine (played by Rosamund Pike) will leap out of a billboard, to face her enemies, with a team of Aes Sedai soldiers on horseback will ready to aid her in battle. While anamorphic (3-dimensional) billboards are not new, The Times Square activation will mark the first time that one has featured a human being. 

In addition to the interactive Times Square billboard and experiential battle scene, fans can also stop by the Amazon Bookstore on 34th Street from November 19th through 29th to check out a massive book installation, encouraging visitors to wield the One Power through fiber optic lighting and sensing technology.  

For those who can’t make it to Times Square, Prime Video will also be livestreaming the happenings on Twitch starting at 6:30pm ET, using multiple cameras to give viewers at home a front row seat.