Amazon Rainforest ranks ‘top’ of the world’s richest billionaires

The Amazon Rainforest has taken the top spot of Forbes’ ranking of the world’s richest billionaires in a new advertising campaign by global beauty brand Natura.

The move, which was launched by São Paulo-based beauty brand and its Brazilian agency, Africa Creative, a part of Omnicom Group’s DDB Worldwide, crowns the Amazon Rainforest with the top spot of Forbes’ renowned list, with a corresponding print edition being released on 10 May.

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As a result, the Amazon Rainforest has been named as the world’s wealthiest entity, boasting a valuation of $317 billion, independently verified by the World Bank.

Natura CMO and Global Head of Innovation, Tatiana Ponce, said: “Over more than 20 years of intense work in the Amazon, we have had the privilege of demonstrating to Brazil and the world that it is possible to respect the region’s socio-biodiversity and value the knowledge of traditional communities through regenerative practices.

“Now, once again, this has been proven and we highlight the incomparable wealth coming from the standing forest, achieved through the sustainable development of the Amazon region, which enables us to create high-performance products based on bio-innovation and biodiversity.”

Natura’s campaign coincides with the brand’s 55th anniversary and highlights its commitment to leveraging the bioeconomy of the Amazon.

Africa Creative Co-COO, Joanna Monterio, continued: “At Africa Creative, it’s a monumental achievement to showcase the immense value of the standing Amazon on the cover of Forbes’ Billionaires issue.

“We approached Forbes with a concept that transcended traditional advertising norms because we believed the message about the Amazon’s economic and environmental significance needed a grand stage. Forbes recognised the unique, critical importance of this message and its execution. It readily agreed to the special cover”

“There’s no one better suited to highlight the unparalleled value of the Amazon than Natura”.