Amazon to roll out smart grocery carts for cashierless shopping experience

Amazon has decided that it’s time to revolutionise the grocery shopping experience even further than before, this time turning its attention to the lowly shopping cart. The ‘Dash Cart’ builds on the technology used in Amazon’s automated Go stores for another variation on the cashierless shopping experience.

The smart shopping cart, which features its own touchscreen and is signed into using a QR code, uses a combination of built-in cameras, sensors, and scales to automatically detect what customers have placed in their cart. The customer can then simply walk out the store with their shopping cart and the total amount of their goods will be deducted from the card linked to their Amazon account.

The whole process is very similar to what Amazon has delivered in its Go stores. However, these shopping carts do not lean on an array of cameras dotted around a store. They have also been for small or medium-sized shopping trips, rather than big food shops.

The shopping carts won’t be debuted in a Go store – or even a Whole Foods Market store – with Amazon choosing to launch the carts in its first ‘true’ grocery store in the Woodland Hills neighbourhood of Los Angeles later this year.