Amazon could be working on a messaging app

Tyrone Stewart

AmazonAmazon is reportedly working on an all-in-one messaging app called Anytime, as it seeks to get its foot in the door within the social sector.

According to AFTV News, Amazon has begun surveying customers about a new messaging service to get an idea of what features are most important to users – so, for the time being, we don’t know what the product will look like.

What we do know from images from the survey is the app is likely to focus on messaging, and voice and video calls – as has become standard for most messaging apps, and putting it in direct competition with the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. It seems the app will also feature photo sharing, @mentions, filters for photos and videos, ways to coordinate with friends, and ways to contact businesses and shop. It is also claimed that Anytime will keep chats private and give users the option to encrypt important messages.

The app will also let users reach their friends, without a phone number, using just their name. This feature suggests the app will connect to existing social networks.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Amazon has dipped its toes in the messaging waters. Earlier this year, it introduced a call and video conferencing platform aimed at businesses called Chime. In addition, in May, the company also rolled out voice calling and messaging to its Echo and Echo Dot devices, as well as introducing the Echo Show with video calling capabilities.