Amazons new store offers you products based on the weather in your area

Amazon has introduced a store that uses weather data to offer customers products that are relevant to the current weather conditions in their area.

The #NowItsSummer store, which is based on trends sales data from 2013-2016, displays products including sun cream, flip flops, and sunglasses, for when the sun is out. But, because British summer isn’t the most reliable thing in the world, also stocks umbrellas, anoraks and wellington boots for the rainy days.

“The weather reactive #NowItsSummer store has products, TV shows, music playlists and books that dynamically relate to the weather conditions,” said Doug Gurr, Amazon UK country manager. “Whether the sun inspires you to get summer garden party essentials or you need a fresh playlist for a run, or you suddenly need a new pair of wellies or films to download on your tablet for a worrying festival weather outlook, the #NowItsSummer store will offer everything you need to save the day.”

The store also offers products to Prime Now members in under an hour, so they can make emergency purchases should the weather make a sudden change.

“I know better than most that Brits make plans around the weather and sometimes conditions can change quickly, so its great that Amazon is helping people with smart and quick weather appropriate purchases this summer,” said Lucy Verasamy, ITV News weather presenter.

Based on data, Amazon found that summer-related products had a spike in sale of 380 per cent on 4 June over the past three years – and it believes that’s when summer actually begins according to British people, rather than the official 20 June.

However, the release of this research coinciding with this new store has left some to question whether this stunt by Amazon is merely a PR stunt, rather than a true marketing strategy.

“I suspect Amazons launch of a weather-based personalisation tool today is more a clever PR tactic than a high-level marketing strategy, however, it does highlight how the use of innovative data analytics and personalisation can transform the shopping experience and engage a customer,” said Michelle Huff, CMO at marketing automation platform Act-On. “The days of ‘one size fits all’ marketing are over. If you want to stay competitive now, you need to talk to different types of customers, in different situations, differently.

“Personalisation is one of the biggest trend in retail and marketing in 2017 as a shoppers experience is becoming as important as product and price. With the right technology personalisation can be integrated into any marketing strategy quickly and effectively.”