AMC links up with Next Games on The Walking Dead digital campaign

The Walking Dead Alanna Masterson Tom PayneUS cable and satellite TV channel AMC – home of shows like The Walking Dead, McMafia, and Breaking Bad – has teamed up with Next Games, a Finnish mobile game developer, to launch a digital campaign for a mobile game.

The ‘Playtime with Jesus’ campaign features actors from the channel’s famous zombie apocalypse drama, The Walking Dead, to promote the one of the show’s official mobile games – The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land. It features Tom Payne (‘Jesus’) and Alanna Masterson (‘Tara’).

As part of the campaign, Payne shows Masterson and viewers how to play the mobile game through a series of eight lessons, including how to take on story missions and how to fight enemies with special weapons.

Video spots have been rolled out in-game, on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and also appeared on-air during and following the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead season eight on Sunday 25 February.

“‘See it on TV, play it on your phone’ is an experience we’ve committed to delivering with The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, and ‘Playtime with Jesus’ is a fresh unique take on that,” said Saara Bergström, chief marketing officer at Next Games. “With the help of our partners at AMC, we teamed up with Tom Payne and Alanna Masterson to create this fully integrated talent-led campaign that will live across multiple platforms.”