Amobee and Myriad Group in Mobile Ad Tie-up

Mobile advertising firm Amobee Media Systems is partnering with Myriad Group, which has shipped over 3.7bn software applications on more than 2.2bn phones, including browsers, messaging, Java, social networking, user interfaces and middleware, to create a new mobile advertising platform.
The agreement will combine Amobee’s carrier-grade mobile ad serving technology with Myriad’s mobile client solutions to create the platform. Powered by intelligent analytics from the device to provide greater visibility of customer on- and off-net behaviour, the companies say they will allow advertisers to benefit from a step-change in real-time targeting precision. In turn, this will enable a higher degree of personalization and more compelling mobile advertising experience for the consumer. The aim of the partnership is to create a new, rich line of advertising revenue for operators, OEMs, and premium publishers.

Myriad will power the solution in combination with Amobee. Myriad does not export any user data from the device. Instead, using proprietary patented technology, activity on the device is matched with a set of dynamic rules embedded in the handset client. This results in an accurate profile snapshot that is converted into a reference code. This code is then sent to the ad-server and matched with an appropriate ad that is then published back on the device. Subsequently, the code is deleted from the ad-server.

Myriad has used its technical expertise to ensure that the client has a very low footprint on the handset. This enables handset-makers to quickly roll out and add mobile advertising features through a simple software upgrade – instantly plugging into Amobee’s rich advertising ecosystem of ad networks and premium publisher inventory.

“By teaming up with Amobee which has the leading global footprint with operators, OEMS, and premium publishers to power their mobile advertising, we are able to expand our portfolio to include highly scalable, carrier-grade ad monetization services worldwide. We believe this offers huge revenue opportunities long-term,” says Myriad Group CTO, Benoit Schillings. “We have been encouraged by the initial response from operators, with pilots expected to commence in the next two quarters. They see significant benefit from solving issues around the handling of personal data, and recognize the immediate upside from becoming a major force within the mobile advertising ecosystem.”

Amobee Media Systems COO, Mark Strecker, says: “In order to deliver a compelling mobile experience and effectively execute mobile advertising, you need to have the ability to leverage the wealth of information that resides on the device. Until now, that has not been possible. By marrying Myriad’s deep expertise in mobile software with our leading mobile advertising solution, we will create a new, intelligent platform that pushes the boundaries of mobile advertising targeting and engagement.”