Amobee Buys RTB Platform Gradient-X

SingTel’s Amobee mobile ad agency has bought Gradient-X, in a move that the company says will make it ‘the best mobile RTB DSP and trading desk in the market’.

Amobee will now be able to offer real-time bidding on a wider range of ad formats, including video and HTML5. Greater use or programmatic buying will enable the company to serve the CMOs of 2,000 companies, Amobee said, as well as offerng more sophisticated targeting.

“The CMO is the new CTO and will be the biggest influencer of enterprise platform purchases in the future. We are going to be right there,” said Trevor Healy, CEO of Amobee. 

Asian telco SingTel bought Amobee in 2011 in order, it said, to be among the top three mobile advertising agencies worldwide.