Amobee Celebrates Million Dollar Weekend

Mobile advertising firm Amobee Media Systems says it handled transactions surpassing $1m (£640,000) over the past weekend, adding that this is the first time that any mobile advertising company has managed budgets of this size.
Amobee powers mobile advertising for some of the world’s largest mobile operators, publishers, app developers and app stores, and delivers ad campaigns through its media agency division, RingRing Media, for numerous Fortune 500 clients.

Amobee says its mobile ad platform enables advertisers to reach approximately one out of every seven people globally, across all devices. using any format from SMS to rich media advertising.

Over the weekend, says Amobee, ads through its platform drove millions of app downloads, and also drove people to see movie premieres, test drive new cars, get flu shots and enjoy weekend discounts at leading retailers.

“The industry has an obsession with counting impressions, but the true indicator of success is dollars spent, and having the industry’s first million dollar weekend is a significant milestone for Amobee,” says founder and CEO, Zohar Levkovitz. “Through our solution, we turn handsets into people, and when you have that, you can provide context which significantly increases effectiveness for advertisers.”