The Future of Mobile

Amobee Delivers Mobile Ad Solution for Telefnica

David Murphy

Amobee Media Systems, which delivers advertising solutions for mobile operators, has launched a mobile advertising service for Telefnica in Spain. Amobee is providing holistic advertising solutions for Telefnica over the mobile Internet. The move is part of the two companies global alliance, announced in June 2008.
Telefnica is a great example of a mobile operator taking control of advertising revenues on its network and, in the process, ensuring a positive customer experience, says Amobee CEO, Zohar Levkovitz. That, in our opinion, is the future of mobile advertising, and it is made possible by Amobee. We enable the operator to build a profitable revenue stream from advertising, while giving advertisers an exciting channel to reach their target audience.
Using Amobees media system, mobile operators can sell ad-enabled inventory to agencies and advertisers who want to buy, deploy, and monitor campaigns across mobile channels. The Amobee system works with the operators existing infrastructure to ensure customers get a relevant mobile advertising experience.
Amobees ad-serving solution dynamically inserts relevant ads into all mobile entertainment and communication channels, including video, music, messaging, games, and WAP sessions.
Our customers experience is of paramount importance to us, and was our first priority in considering a mobile advertising solution, says Susana Rodrguez Urgel, Online Channels and Mobile Commerce Manager at Telefnica. We chose Amobee because of its ability to provide a relevant mobile advertising experience for our users.
According to research from INFOADEX 2009, the Spanish mobile advertising market grew by over 60% in 2008 and is the fastest growing digital advertising channel.