Amobee Launches New Product Suite and Mobile Formats

Amobee Lexus IS 3D Campaign Image[1]Ad tech company Amobee has launched a new product suite featuring a range of mobile and cross-device ad formats aimed at delivering unparalleled consumer engagement through immersive, full-sensory experiences.

The Amobee Impact suite makes use of Amobees proprietary 3D ad unit technology, and introduces a new format called the Halo Takeover which enables advertisers to reach consumers across mobile and desktop screens with a single responsive ad creative.

Amobees 3D technology can integrate social functionality and create a virtual fitting room or unique product experience across smartphones and tablets, and is being marketed in particular to retail brands who are looking to advance their mobile ad execution.

“Amobee Impact enables marketers to identify moments where they can build an emotional connection between a brand and consumer through sight, sound and motion to drive engagements,” said Kim Reed Perell, president of Amobee. “The quality and scale of our expanded mobile solutions provide innovative formats that keep consumers interacting within the ad unit for extended periods of time driving the upper funnel conversion brands covet.”

The suite also provides brands with real-time and historical insights through Amobees Brand Intelligence technology, which analyses over 60bn content engagements daily across the web, mobile, social and video.

“As programmatic continues to mature, marketers are refining the ways mobile creative can delight and inspire audiences once targeted,” said David Barker, senior vice president and managing director for EMEA advertising solutions at Amobee. “with Amobee Brand Intelligence we target and with Amobee Impact we engage.

“Together, these technologies power superior mobile experiences which contribute to increased mobile ad campaign effectiveness and scale. From initial conversations with some of our key partners in EMEA, we know that the Amobee Impact suite of products is exactly what is needed to take mobile marketing campaigns to new and exciting heights.”