Amobee Launches Performance-based Out of Home Network

Amobee Media Systems has unveiled a proximity marketing model which it says enables advertisers to launch 100 per cent measurable, performance-based campaigns, by fusing traditional outdoor media with the power of mobile technology.

The company has installed wi-fi and Bluetooth transmitters in hundreds of out of home (OOH) advertising sites around the world. Consumers are invited to switch on wi-fi and/or Bluetooth, in order to interact with the site, typically to download an app or other content, without incurring data charges. While the Bluetooth element is nothing new, the wi-fi aspect of it is.

Amobee is selling the media on a performance basis, so if no-one engages with the media, the advertiser doesn’t pay, though to date, the company says, this has never been the case. Amobee says that in recent months, it has completed a number of campaigns in cities including New York, Boston, Sydney, London and Cape Town.

“Outdoor media offers huge potential, encompassing everything from street furniture to digital screens, even surfaces not yet considered by the media. Working with Amobee has given us the flexibility to explore multiple combinations of these various platforms with mobile to create an even bigger impact,” says Craig Hepburn, global director, digital for Nokia. “For example, we can leverage a display board at an airport to which potential customers can SMS ‘Bon Voyage’ messages to friends, enabling the brand to be a part of an emotional moment in a user’s life.”