Amobee to Serve Ads on Plaza Widgets

Qualcomm, which develops advanced wireless technologies and data solutions, and Amobee Media Systems, which provides advertising solutions for mobile operators, have revealed that they are working together to offer mobile advertising on Qualcomms Plaza solution. The two companies have completed an integration of Amobees ad-serving platform with Plaza that means that advertising can be fed into Plazas ecosystem of widgets. They say that operators worldwide will be able to use the combined offering to take advantage of unique mobile Internet opportunities while generating significant mobile advertising revenues.
Qualcomm Internet Services announced Plaza in May 2008. Its a platform-agnostic service that provides a framework for the development of mobile widgets – web-based applications for mobile devices. This new framework will feature catalogues of mobile widgets that will be made available to mobile operators worldwide, allowing them to deliver quick and personalized Internet services to their end-users across all devices. The Amobee Media System will enable operators to monetize the use of these widgets.
This collaboration between Amobee and Qualcomm gives operators an easy-to-deploy and trusted solution that creates a new revenue stream and the opportunity to boost mobile Internet usage, says Ziv Eliraz, Amobees Vice President of Alliances. It will also allow developers and media companies to get closer to the promise of the new mobile media.
With Amobees implementation on Plaza, operators can create and sell new advertising inventory to brands and agencies that want to deploy and monitor campaigns across all mobile entertainment and communication channels. Amobee will dynamically insert relevant ads into appropriate widgets and will measure and optimize these campaigns to yield the highest results.
Amobees mobile ad-serving solution has been deployed by more operators than any other solution to date, says Noam Raffaelli, Managing Director of Plaza for Qualcomm Internet Services. Their proven technology is serving the mobile needs of global operators, as well as top brands that are reaching out to mobile users with targeted advertising. The goal of Plaza is to let operators provide their users with the platform to personalize their mobile Internet experience and in return drive additional revenue streams. Mobile advertising is a key ingredient to make this happen.