An Eventful Week

You may not have realised it, but this week has officially been London Mobile Week, in recognition of all the events taking place over the past few days. Not all of them were on our radar, but we have certainly had our fill.

At one end of the spectrum, there was the Mobile Marketing Association Forum, two days of big brands lining up to tell the assembled throng about the good stuff theyve been doing on mobile, complete with the obligatory big numbers to explain why they are using the channel. And Planet of the Apps, a 4-day, yes 4-day event, looking at nothing but apps.

At the other end were smaller, more targeted events. On Monday, mobileSQUARED ran a one-day conference looking at permission-based marketing, while on Tuesday, Mixing Digital staged a mobile user experience seminar, investigating how to involve your customers in the design of your mobile apps and sites. And on Wednesday, we staged our own event, the latest in our Mobile Masterclass series, looking at how businesses in the sport & leisure sector can put mobile to work to good effect.

While there’s certainly a place for the big events, what I like about the smaller ones is their focus. Delegates take a deep dive into the subject in question, and usually come out much the wiser for it. Large or small, however, the sheer number of events taking place is a sure sign of a sector in rude health, and enjoying rapid growth. Long may it continue.  


David Murphy