Android Dev Community to Outgrow iOS in Six Months

Figures from GetJar suggest that Android is set to overtake iOS in terms of developer numbers in the next six months. 

The numbers come from GetJars App Meter Developer Poll – a survey of 300 developers across its network. 

The survey says that 80 per cent of the developers surveyed are currently developing for iPhone, and 51.2 per cent for Android. However, the developers project that in the next six months, 55.6 per cent will be developing for iPhone and 58 per cent for Android. 

Another big shift in focus is reflected in similar enquiries on tablets. 20.5 per cent of respondents are currently working on Android tablet apps, but in six months 47 per cent will be working on Android tablet apps. 

For the iPad, 59 per cent are working on it today, while 52 per cent say they will be developing for it in six months. “It seems that developers are really looking at Android tablets as the next possible area of opportunity,” says GetJar CMO Patrick Mork in a blog post. 

There is also growing interest in Windows Phone 7, development for which is to grow from 9 per cent today to 24 per cent of devs in the next six months. 

In terms of distribution, 80 per cent of devs say they use Apples App Store, while 44.4 per cent use the Android Market. This looks set to rise to 70 per cent in the next six months, according to the devs surveyed by GetJar. 

Independent channels are also gaining favour, with 16 per cent of devs saying that they will consider GetJar in the next six months (up from 11 per cent now) and 34 per cent considering Amazons App Store (up from 11 per cent today). 

Symbian gets a dire report from GetJars 300 devs – 7 per cent plan to develop for the platform in the next six months, and 20 per cent believe the platform will last another two years. 

15 per cent of devs plan to develop for BlackBerry in the next six months. 

The survey was set up with GetJar partners InMobi, Urban Airship, Device Anywhere and SV Android Meet-up. You can read the full blog post here