Android Leads in Jumptap Ratings

Mobile ad firm Jumptap has released its MobileSTAT Report covering network data for the month of August.

The report covers network clickthrough rates; app vs. mobile web market share; mobile marketing and demographic trends; and top mobile advertising verticals.

In the smartphone sector, Android, iOS and Blackberry mobile platforms continue to dominate the top three spots, and claim more than 90 per cent of the market, based on August 2011 data from Jumptap’s network of more than 142m global users and 11bn monthly ad impressions.

Android maintained its OS leadership on the Jumptap network, with a 47 per cent market share. Despite ranking second in market share to Google’s Android OS, Apple’s iOS continues to deliver the best direct response advertising performance, with an industry-leading clickthrough rate of 0.71 per cent.

Three groups continued to exhibit the highest mobile clickthrough rates: users ages 45-74; those with income levels of more than $50,000; and males. A clear new challenge for advertisers, says Jumptap, is connecting with younger, less-affluent audiences whose presence on the Jumptap network is large, but whose propensity to click on ads is low.

Retail, Automotive and Entertainment were the largest spending verticals for the month of August. For direct response performance, Telecom, Entertainment and Insurance commanded the best clickthrough rates in August.

The report also looks at tablet usage in the US, and foundthat Maine was the number one US state in tablet usage in August, as measured by its tablet traffic, relative to its overall mobile traffic. Jumptap says the spike, clearly driven by affluent vacationers, plays to a larger trend: according to analyst firm Gartner, Inc., tablet sales are forecast to reach 326.3m units by 2015. With innovative products entering the market, new lower price points, such as the $199 Amazon Fire tablet, and emerging usage patterns on the Jumptap network, Jumptap believes the Gartner number may prove to be on the low side.

In addition to Maine, the top ten US states in August with the highest tablet traffic relative to overall mobile traffic include Wyoming, Hawaii, North Dakota, Arkansas, Connecticut, Virginia, New Hampshire, Minnesota and New Jersey. The MobileSTAT Report showed that more than half (56 per cent) of tablet traffic on the Jumptap network came from outside the US, compared to 28 per cent of overall mobile traffic on the network that is non-US, signifying deeper tablet penetration overseas.

The research also revealed that 91 per cent of global tablet traffic was over wi-fi, which indicates that these devices are not truly mobile. At 75 per cent market share, iOS clocked in as the most popular tablet operating system, followed by Android (20 per cent) and WebOS (4 per cent).

“Tablets, like smartphones, are amongst the most personal media devices, offering users a convenient way to access content, entertainment, and communication tools,” notes Jumptap CMO, Paran Johar. “Tablets give advertisers the opportunity to connect with consumers at a deeper level – advertisers need to explore these new consumer connections via dynamic, engaging new formats, and the use of privacy-friendly targeting.”