Android makes branding changes ahead of Android 10 release

Android has announced a few simple branding changes that will take place before the launch of its newest software release, according to Sameer Samat, Android’s VP of product management. Since the company launched, its engineering team has always referred to each new release with an internal codename, inspired by sweet treats, and in alphabetical order. Due to feedback over that past few years, there are some people around the world who couldn’t fully understand the naming system.

“For example, L and R are not distinguishable when spoken in some languages. So, when some people heard us say Android Lollipop out loud, it wasn’t intuitively clear that it referred to the version after KitKat. It’s even harder for new Android users, who are unfamiliar with the naming convention, to understand if their phone is running the latest version. We also know that pies are not a dessert in some places, and that marshmallows, while delicious, are not a popular treat in many parts of the world,” said Samat.

Starting with the upcoming release of Android 10, the company will now be naming updated versions of the platform by simply adding the version number. Android has also changed its logo for the first time since 2014, so that the Android robot could be more simplified and cleaner looking. Additionally, the original green font has been switched from green to black.

“It’s a small change, but we found the green was hard to read, especially for people with visual impairments. The logo is often paired with colors that can make it hard to see—so we came up with a new set of color combinations that improve contrast,” said Samat.

Samat finished, “We’ll officially start using the updated logo in the coming weeks with the final release of Android 10. Thank you to the community for supporting Android and inspiring us over the years.”